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"What narrative will capture the imaginations, feelings, intellect and will of political decision-makers and the broader public and inspire them to action?" (WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health, 2005, p. 44).

box"The preservation and improvement of the human environment has become increasingly important for man's survival and well-being. The vastness and urgency of the task place on every individual and every professional group the responsibility to participate in the efforts to safeguard man's environment, to conserve the world's resources, to study how their use affects man, and how adverse effects can be avoided." (International Council of Nurses, The Nurse's Role in Safeguarding the Human Environment. Position Statement. 1986. Geneva, Switzerland).

This web site has been created to echo these directives, and provide resources and information about how nurses can influence environmental policies, practices, and potential threats to the health of humans and other species on this planet.

Many ecological issues have demanded attention in the media spotlight in recent years: climate change; species extinction; quality of air and drinking water; urban sustainability, stress, and congestion; various pollutants; genetically modified foods; toxins and dangerous waste in the health care industry; exposure to various contaminants; and so on. All of these issues and more must become the focus of nurses around the globe, since nurses are in a prime position to influence both the public and the polcy and decision makers.


We must find the time and space to dialogue, reflect, engage in both praxis and action, to collaborate and support one another to raise public awareness as well as our own, in order to protect this planet we call home. This is a critical time in history where action is crucial if we are to preserve our quality of life for ourselves and for future generations.

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