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"How can communicative and creative technologies be used to stimulate meaningful engagement with ecological, sustainability, environmental and quality of life dialogue and praxis in nursing and society at large?" (The Driving Question that motivates this Website).

Eco-Activism and Co-Creation in Education Focus

EcoNurse: Using ICTs to weave ecological activism into the tapestry of nursing curriculum

by © 2008 ~ June Kaminski, MSN PhD(c).
Presented at WRCASN Conference, Victoria, BC on February 23, 2008.

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Many ecological issues have demanded attention in the media spotlight in recent years: global warming; species extinction; quality of air and drinking water; urban sustainability, stress, and congestion; various pollutants; genetically modified foods; toxins and dangerous waste in the health care industry; exposure to various contaminants; and so on. All of these issues and more must become the focus of nurses around the globe, since nurses are in a prime position to influence both the public and the policy and decision makers.


Mere regurgitation of ecological, activist and social reform theory is not enough to spark activism in students: instead it often becomes mere rhetoric. To make a real impression, actual praxis is needed. The key question: “How can communicative and creative technologies (ICTs) be used to stimulate meaningful ecological and activist praxis in nursing curriculum?”


To specifically address the need for ecological theory and practice, the web environment, EcoNurse at has been designed as an activist, research-based site intended to catalyze human awareness of ecological issues and solutions. Third and fourth year nursing students are participating in the shaping of this site, as well as benefiting from interactive communicative and creative technologies (ICTs) creation and access to become cognizant of ecological issues that are pertinent to their practice. This site is also intended to serve as a reliable resource and community for practicing nurses interested in the issues addressed.


This site was initiated in response to a perceived need to engage nursing students, and the nursing profession as a whole in dialogue, praxis, and action to boost ecological awareness in society at large. This site was created to include research, resources, communications, creative expression, lobbying, and other activist activities intended to spur a keen ecological awareness in all who visit.


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