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It is imperative that nurses reflect and brainstorm about how we can apply our knowledge, skill, caring, and awareness to guide society in ecological awareness and preservation. Our very survival as a race depends on this, as does our Planet and all other species.

Hospital Recycling Focus

Hospital Recycling; Saving Money and the Environment

by © 2007 ~ Angela Buie, Erin Low, Jemina Tolentino, Chrystalle Alejandria, Suzanne Clarke
Presented to Nursing 4111 Class, Fall, 2007.

View Hospital Recycling Powerpoint The five fourth year students created a Powerpoint, Brochure and Video to encourage student nurses and practicing nurses to become aware of the tremendous amount of waste produced every day during routine nursing practice.

VIEW VIDEO (WMV, 4 mins.)


VIEW Implementation of a Hospital Recycling Program (by Angela Buie, PNG)


Hospital Waste Management Focus

Environmentally Sensitive Nursing View Environmentally Sensitive Nursing Website

by © 2005 ~ Jaquelynne Demmy, Laura Bray, and Christine Smith
Digital Media Project for Nursing 4111 Class, Fall, 2005.

Excellent website created by these three fourth year BSN students as a digital media project to promote societal change. Their focus was to inform and engage nurses in the alarming problem of health care system induced waste and pollution. "According to the World Health Organization, “the physical environment is an important determinant of health” (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2004, Key determinant 6: Physical environment). Simply put, in order to sustain health, it is important to foster a healthy environment" (p. 1).

VIEW Environmentally Sensitive Nursing WEBSITE

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