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"How can communicative and creative technologies be used to stimulate meaningful engagement with ecological, sustainability, environmental and quality of life dialogue and praxis in nursing and society at large?" (The Driving Question that motivates this Website).

This section features a generous collection of relevant and inspiring links to various web sites that offer guidance, information, campaigns, and resources for developing ecologincal awareness, voice, and participation.

Featured Link - Nurse Activism

Nurse Activism This site has been created to offer theory, resources, examples, research, news, and tools to help nurses unite, organize, and participate in activist initiatives that contribute to the health, well-being, peace, and harmony of humanity and all of Planet Earth. This site was conceived and designed by June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c) to provide resources, research, and guidelines to support nurses (and other folk) on proven activist methods and theory. Content will also be provided by BSN nursing students engaged in upper level research and change theory projects.


Featured Link - Biomimicry

Biomimicry This site leads to two connected organizations focused on learning from nature as model, measure, and mentor. Biomimicry is a new discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems. The Biomimicry Guild is the innovative company that helps others, such as designers, inventors, engineers, architects, scientists, and so on to apply properties and activities of the natural world to solve problems and industries that challenge sustainability. The Biomimicry Institute is a not for profit organization, dedicated to promoting the use of biomimicry to boost sustainability and promote ecological living.



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