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"“Hold on to what is good, even if it is a handful of earth. Hold on to what you believe, even if it is a tree that stands by itself. Hold on to what you must do, even if it is a long way from here. Hold on to your life, even if it is easier to let go. Hold on to my hand, even if someday I will be gone away from you.” (A Pueblo Indian Prayer)

The Canadian Nurses for Health & the Environment (CNHE)

ealth Care without Harm The Canadian Nurses for Health and the Environment - Infirmieres et Infirmiers pour la Sante et l'Environnement (CNHE/IISE) represents Registered Nurses dedicated to the improvement of environmental health across all domains of nursing practice, policy, research and education.

An Associate group of the Canadian Nurses Association, CNHE works to achieve the following objectives:

  Support evidence-based environmental health practice;

  Influence policy development and legislation to support environmental nursing practice;

  Promote educational and research opportunities for nurses.


Health Care without Harm

ealth Care without Harm International coalition of hospitals and health care systems, medical professionals, community groups, health-affected constituencies, labor unions, environmental and environmental health organizations and religious groups. Their goal is to transform the health care sector worldwide, without compromising patient safety or care, so that it is ecologically sustainable and no longer a source of harm to public health and the environment.

SLOGAN: "Leading the global movement for environmentally responsible health care"


The American Academy of Environmental Medicine

American Academy of Environmental MedicineThe American Academy of Environmental Medicine was founded in 1965, and is an International association of physicians and other professionals interested in the clinical aspects of man and his environment. The Academy is interested in expanding the knowledge of interactions between human individuals and their environment, as these may be demonstrated to be reflected in their total health.


Practice Green Health

Practice Green HealthEnvision a system where patients and staff interact in a healing environment that embraces safer building products, clean air, reduced toxins, safe working practices, energy and water efficiency, education, and a commitment to public health demonstrated through waste volume and toxicity reduction.

Practice Greenhealth is the nation’s leading membership and networking organization for institutions in the healthcare community that have made a commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Members include hospitals, healthcare systems, businesses and other stakeholders engaged in the greening of healthcare to improve the health of patients, staff and the environment.



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