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Canadian nurses are expected to: “be aware of broader health concerns such as environmental pollution, violation of human rights, world hunger, homelessness, violence, etc. and are encouraged to the extent possible in their personal circumstances to work individually as citizens or collectively for policies and procedures to bring about social change, keeping in mind the needs of future generations” (Canadian Nurses Association, 2002 Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses, p.15).

2007 Student Contributors

Hana Minarikova, RN GNC(C)

Hana MinarikovaI was born and raised in Most, Northern Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic. After graduating with Distinction from the Most Nursing School, I worked in the Most Regional Hospital on a variety of surgical units (trauma, pediatric unit, small operating room) for eight years, then immigrated to Canada in 1991. I received my Canadian license in 1994 and worked at St. Paul's Hospital as an I.V. nurse and at the Yaletown House and Kiwanis Care Centre as a casual nurse. I completed the NCLEX exam in California in 1995, the VCC Nurse Management Course in 2003, and earned my CNA Gerontology Specialty certificate, GNC(C), in 2004. I enrolled in Kwantlen University College BSN Completion Program for RNs in 2006. At the present time, I work as a Resident Care Coordinator at Kiwanis Care centre (six units) since 2006. I work and live in North Vancouver and I like to bike to work as much as my work and weather allows it.

Elizabeth DeForest, RN

Beth DeForestI was born in Vancouver, raised in the Whistler area, then moved back to Vancouver when I was 18 to attend the VGH Sshool of Nursing - I graduated in 1984. I enjoy teaching bedside nursing and hope to work as a nursing instructor when done my BSN degree.

POSTSCRIPT: Beth does now teach nursing at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (2009).

William Fee, RPN

William FeeI was born in 1953 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan to a family of 9 children. I have been married to the same woman since 1976, we have four children and three grandchildren. I started out as a house painter assisting my dad, I later became a journeyman plumber, a warehouse person and finally a Registered Psychiatric Nurse since graduating in 1991 from Wascana Campus in Regina Saskatchewan. I enjoy reading Tarot cards, performing chair massages, and making my own version of a native Indian whistle [ a walking cane made out of wood]. At present I am a part-time Kwantlen University college student in the BPN program. My challenge is to continue my education once graduating from the BPN degree program.

Jacklyne Rea, RPN

Jacklyne ReaI was born in Richmond, BC and grew up all over the Greater Vancouver area. My psychiatric nursing journey began at Douglas College and I graduated from the diploma program in 2004. Since then i have worked in a number of areas including inpatient psychiatry, community mental health, early psychosis intervention, as well as pharmaceutical support and education. I am currently working towards my Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing at Kwantlen College and would eventually like to persue a Masters of Education in counselling psychology. My interests include running, traveling, cooking, gardening, and reading mystery suspense novels.

Angela Buie

Angela BuieI was born in 1983 and grew up in Surrey, BC. I am part of Kwantlen University College graduating class of 2008. I became interested in hospital recycling working as an ESN, and I hope that in the future, nursing initiatives like this one will help change hospital procedures. I am not sure exactly where my nursing career will lead, but I have a strong interest in HIV/Aids, international nursing and may end up taking the pediatrics or emergency course.

Carrie MacDonald-Jung, RPN

Carrie MacDonald-JungMy formative years were spent on Vancouver Island, then my family moved to the BC interior. After high school graduation I entered the condensed 2 year RPN program at Douglas College. I worked briefly at RVH, concentrating a large portion of my career in various leadership positions at Forensic Psychiatric Hospital. While pursuing my BPN I decided to switch gears and return to acute nursing in a leadership capacity. I have just recently completed the BPN and am already contemplating furthering my education, focusing on ethics and human rights issues. My travels to other countries and touring other psychiatric facilities has opened my eyes to the many possibilities for future roles of RPNs, especially in environmental health. I live in the lower mainland with my husband, 2 children and enjoy pursuing my hobby of photography.

Erin Low

Erin LowI was born and raised in Richmond, BC, attended school in Vancouver, and completed my nursing program in Surrey. I currently work as an undergrad in Respiratory Medicine at St. Paul's Hospital, where I will soon be working part time after graduation. I have a strong interest in travel nursing, pediatrics, and working with youth. I plan on pursuing a Masters in Nursing that I hope to obtain internationally. My thoughts are completing it out in Hawaii, where I plan to live and work. I have yet to see where my career path takes me, but I am excited for all the opportunities ahead.

2008 Student Contributors

Jelena Matic

Jelena MaticI am part of the BSN graduating class of 2009. I returned to Kwantlen to pursue a BSN degree. I had considered a career change after many years of working in the gaming industry. It was quite a shock to the system, but I am in my 3rd year and the perseverance has paid off. I decided to assist in the Eco-Nurse Web Portal Project as I have always had an interest in our environment and the roles that people and society play in it. I am an avid recycler and have often been known to take items home with me just to ensure that it gets to the recycling bin. I feel awareness is the key in preserving the environment and in recycling practices. I strongly believe the only way this will work is if everyone participates. I feel nurses are great facilitators of information and can play an active role in educating and informing people about our environment and “green” practices.

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